As we all know, omnichannel strategy, which translates into : CATCH THE CUSTOMER ANY WHICH WAY. Companies will have their own physical shop and own website to transact online sales. In addition to transaction business from your own online website, these days, every vendor wants to place their products on Flipkart (Walmart), Amazon, etc. This multi-pronged does help in catching the customer any which way.

A consumer behavior that has become very noticeable is as under: (a story): A woman buys a new dress from an online website of a very popular brand. She flaunts it to her friend and her friend is tempted to buy it. She walks into the physical shop and finds the dress and then goes online to the website of the same brand and places the order…. She is very happy and this trend is catching. Which means you go to have multiple touch points or point of sales or purchases.


What It Does to Your Business?

Multiple presence is the name of the game and these are relatively low-cost marketing solutions.

How Cognipace Solutions Can Help?

We can help you get loaded on the multi-store websites like Amazon, Myntra, Infibeam or Walmart (Flipkart) or any other and also manage the same with our support from our end. Also creating a sale page on your website.